Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life (UL) insurance is a type of permanent life insurance. It can combine life insurance coverage with the growth potential of tax-advantaged investing under one plan.

To get more details about Universal life insurance, check out our blog post What is Universal Life Insurance:

What is Universal Life Insurance?


Plans offer flexible investment options that will be customized to your financial needs and risk tolerance. UL plans offer maximum protection for your estate, tax advantaged returns and the potential for tax minimization strategies.

UL plans offer a wide range of investment options, a choice of death benefits, optional benefits and riders, flexible ways to pay your premiums, and you can access the value of your investments accumulated over the life of your plan.

A Universal Life insurance policy can help provide the peace of mind of lifetime insurance coverage while allowing you to invest your assets tax-effectively.

Universal Life may be right for you and your family if you:

  • Need life insurance
  • Want to focus on wealth accumulation
  • Seek tax advantaged returns for non-registered assets
  • Already make your maximum annual RSP contribution
  • Want to build upon a solid financial foundation
  • Nearing retirement and want to focus on estate preservation